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Published June 30, 2016

CLASSON is the new High-tech bicycle helmet from Brooklyness Inc. They’ve created the next evolution of bicycle helmet and come with so many new bells and whistles. First, you have the blinker lights that read your body movement. Next, you have the front and rear cameras which help guard the riders blind spot, lets them record situations in case there is an accident and even lets you Livestream your commute. Then, there is the built-in GPS with built speakers to tell you which direction you should turn. This is truly an interesting┬ápiece of tech and if it functions properly I’m sure it will not only improve lives, but also save lives.

“Introducing Classon: The intelligent bike helmet that detects cars approaching in your blind spot, and has motion activated brake and turn signals so that you are visible to others. Simple and intuitive, this helmet allows you to communicate your intentions to those around you without even thinking about it.” – Brooklyness Inc


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