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Published August 30, 2016

Nintendo isn’t great at promoting the Wii U, but one thing they are good at is reselling their fan base the 3DS. Usually, the annual┬árendition of the 3DS will sport one new feature and be sold at the same price as the previous release. Their newest portable gaming device is space themed.

Dubbed the “Galaxy Style”, this 3DS will be joining the XL family. The Galaxy 3DS XL will cost $200 and releases in North America this week according to our snitch. What “this week” means I’m not sure, but since today is Tuesday I’m willing to bet it’s today because that’s a video game release day. If I’m wrong, then I’d say Friday because┬áNintendo is famous releasing games on the weekend.

I guess you’ll have to check your local Gamestop to find out. Is anyone picking this one up? Let us know in the comments below.

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