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Published April 27, 2018

Epic has been playing a lot of mind games with avid fans of Fortnite. Countless videos and Reddit posts have been made with theories on what’s going to happen next.

After seeing a large meteor in the air, the main theory that people wanted to stick with was that the meteor would eventually take out Tilted Towers. Now after the latest Fortnite update, meteors are falling, but smaller in diameter and hitting Everywhere, not just Tilted Towers. So far there are videos showing small meteors striking different structures and taking them out.

From the footage that I’ve seen, they show that they do zero damage when they strike, though I haven’t seen an actual player get hit by one yet to confirm this. I’m sure even more theories are going to come from this, but if you hear any strange sounds across the map, it might be a small meteor.

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