The Magic of Anime

  • Muttley

    Space Dandy one of the few new good anime

  • casjwell

    Colorful mech anime like Eureka 7 and Code Geass always get me caught in the magic.

  • Bossman27

    For me it’s Detective Conan. Ever since I first watched it when I was Seven on Toonami, I was hooked. Fourteen Years later (yes, it’s still going) I’m still watching and I still love it.

  • Yusuf Snell

    Manga is better

  • Elpidio Placca

    Alex Dent Isaac Menchaca Luc Primozic

    • Isaac Menchaca

      fuc k off

    • Isaac Menchaca


  • werewolfdemon100 .

    no game no life is magic

  • Greyhound


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