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Published November 21, 2015

SEGA doesn’t have too many quality titles these days; I mean a look at the demise of the Sonic Franchise. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some good franchises. The Valkyria series would be one. It hasn’t achieved mainstream success here in the west, but it does great in the east and has a cult following out here. It’s a hardcore title that needs the right marketing push like many games these days.

The latest entry in the Valkyria series titled┬áValkyria: Azure Revolution just got a brand new teaser. It looks like the game is looking to bring their flavor to the RPG market and I think you should keep your eye on this one. It’s slated for release in Japan Winter 2016 for the PS4, so that means we should see it here in North America somewhere around 2050. Y’all know how SEGA is.

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