The Hype Is Building For The PC E3 Conference

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  1.' Sinnbadd says:

    But..but..but.. “pc is dying and consoles are on the rise…” lmao

  2.' Muttley says:

    Fuck Nexon. That is all

  3.' jpenn says:

    I can say this has my curiosity considering I’m getting a gaming pc soon

  4. PC gaming is never dying, if anything, its evolving by the second unlike consoles that are going downhill

  5. Lightskin Masterrace says:

    fuck its presented by amd

  6.' Wrath says:

    I’m sad that i saw Nexon on this list

  7.' Vahlon says:

    Im excited for this just not for all the hate im gonna get as a console gamer

  8.' Disnigga says:

    lmfao what hype? Though PC is the better platform, the hype is on the consoles. That’s all the news/articles i’ve been seeing

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