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Published June 3, 2020

This would easily be an April Fool’s joke two months ago, butĀ Sega is dead serious about presenting theĀ Game Gear Micro to the world. This comes during the celebration of Sega’s 60th anniversary. You would think this would be a cool thing for the nostalgia heads out there, but peep what Sega decided to do with this:

  • The Game Gear Micro comes in 4 colors – Yellow, Blue, Red, and Black
  • Each color comes pre-loaded with four different games each (you have to purchase each color for all the games)
  • The device is 3.15 inches wide, with a 1.15 inch screen (even smaller than the Game Boy Micro screen)
  • If you can’t see the screen, there is also a Big Window Micro magnifying glass

Some of the games you will able to play are: Sonic the Hedgehog, Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force Gaiden, Megami Tensei Gaiden, Columns, and more. The Game Gear Micro will be released in Japan in October, and will be around $46 US if it ever releases over here. Take a look at the full trailer below and let me know if you will be picking this one up.

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