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Published May 9, 2019

Can Epic once again outdo themselves for Season 9 of the most popular game right now Fortnite? Today is the day when Epic releases Season 9 along with version 9.00. The theme this time is the future. While the volcano destroyed Tilted Towers and Retail Row, they have been replaced by Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. There are transportation circles called slipstreams which allow you to quickly navigate the map.

There are also items called Fortbytes which are scattered across the map if you buy the Battle Pass. When you collect them, they slowly decrypt a secret image. I don’t know if it’s enough for me to come back to Fortnite, but this season looks interesting!

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    1. I love the the update! It’s genienly very interesting and the skins are great too! ✊🏾💯

    2. Skins trash. I’m kinda digging the map updates and new pump is alright so far.

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