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Published October 16, 2018

The fastest man alive can’t even get his own film out on time. Warner Bros. will be pushing back the release date for The Flash film.

According to this source, Warner Bros. never really had a set date for the film and is still working on the script. It is because of this that they are pushing back the production date because they want enough time to work on the script and not worry about the original start date. They will now start production for The Flash late 2019 meaning we probably won’t see the finished product till 2021.

It seems like nothing but bad news when I hear anything about the DC films. I just hope they can get it together because they are losing directors, actors and maybe even fans at this point. The Flash film isn’t coming out for some time since they start production late 2019. What are your thoughts about the handling of the DC films from Warner Bros?


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