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Published June 11, 2018

Microsoft showed a LOT of games this year, but The Coalition held a unique spot because they started their segment with Gears..POP! This is a collaboration with the company Funko who makes figurines. We don’t know how the game will look, but I would imagine it would be the same style as the Lego series of games.

    Next comes Gears Tactics, which is an RTS with a Gears twist. This is not the first franchise exclusive that went the RTS route, as Halo also has one with Halo Wars. I’m not sure about this one, but if you like RTS games and LOVE Gears, this one might be for you.

    Finally Rod Ferguson dropped what many of us heard rumors about, Gears of War 5. This one looks to focus on Kait more this go around. We didn’t get to see any in-game footage, but I’ll once again reserve my judgement until we see more.



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