The “Catch Me Outside” Girl Got Her Own Video Game


  • I bet it’s a terrible game, and people will never play it. Also, whoever was behind the idea of turning a meme into a video game wasted time and money that they’ll never get back.

    • Maybe it’s a sex game ! Ohhh changed the whole view on it lol

    • I doubt that is, but let your imagination run wild and free. And Bruno, we gotta hang out soon.

    • Yea we do catch Broski

    • For real we need to catch up.

  • This meme needs to die

  • Cory Smallwood

    I’d still smash on some low key type shit.

  • Christian Garcia

    • God damn it this meme is getting to real we have to shit it down

  • Let’s keep making stupid people famous with free advertisement.

    • i swear man stop giving dumb people attention