The BlazBlue Anime Looks Decent

  • I don’t wanna hear anyone complaining about Sword Art Online having crappy animations. It doesn’t! The Blazblue anime have such lame and boring animations. Its bizarre beacue the openings for the games have AMAING animations! So what the hell!?

    • Bl4kAce

      What are you on about!? This anime actually came out a decent while ago and it looked great along with staying in the general direction of the blazblue story! And ignoring how terrible SAO was in general its animation was on par with this.

    • Mr.3vilboss

      Fighting game first making an anime < mangaka with a good department of animation.
      Good job brandon good job
      Arcystem works still makes more money in the end.

  • Mr.3vilboss

    Lmao dont tbh alter memory sucks. Its only good for the people who dont read the game they bought.