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Published January 20, 2017

Funimation just dropped their trailer for the dubbed version of BlazBlue: Alter Memory. I’m a HUGE fan of the video games, but never bothered to look deeper into the lore. Judging by this trailer it seems decent.

Doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking, but Alter Memory looks like a decent popcorn anime. What I mean is this looks like it has a meh story with some cool action scenes. Something you don’t rush to watch, but it’ll occupy your time eventually. Below is a quick synopsis

“Long ago, the world was saved from a monstrous creature known as the Black Beast by a group of heroes wielding a powerful combination of magic and science.

Now, a rebel named Ragna the Bloodedge—who happens to be the most wanted man on the planet—finds himself in the middle of a mysterious plot that’s somehow connected to the Black Beast’s resurrection and the possible end of the world.”

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