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Published January 9, 2020

Nintendo just wrapped up their latest Direct. This one focused on Pokemon Sword & Shield. They also announced Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. A remaster of the original title that released on the Game Boy Advanced. But nobody cares about that. Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this direct. Nintendo announced a season pass for Sword and Shield that will feature two expansions. The first expansion will release June 2020.

The name of that expansion is called Isle Of Armor. It will focus on growth. Some of the new features coming to this expansion include a new area to roam full of beaches and dunes, tutor moves, Apricorns that can be converted to Pokeballs, and exp charms to speed up the leveling process. You’ll also get some new bike customization, story content and more!

The second expansion is called The Crown Tundra. This expansion will focus on exploration. Nintendo claims you’ll get to explore another new area with hidden temples and mystery trees. There will be several new legendary pokemon as well. The one we know of is called Calyrex and it’s a Physic/Grass-type Pokemon.  The other new legendary Pokemon can only be found in the co-op dens. Co-op dens are raids playable with friends. These dens contain a larger number of Dynamax Pokemon & some new unrevealed Legendary pokemon. You’ll also see legends of the past.  Expect new clothing items in The Crown Tundra too.

This season pass will cost gamers $3o. This season pass will include both The Isle Of Armor and The Crown Tundra. If you’re a broke boy and can’t afford this, then know that you can still obtain the new Pokemon found in the new content via trading with someone who does own the season pass. This was just a quick summary, so if you want all the little details I didn’t mention then know I’ve included the direct below.

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