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Published July 20, 2016

Who’s in the mood for a good deal? YOU ARE THAT’S WHO! The deal of the day comes from the charity group Humble Bundle. Their latest video game bundle is 2K Games themed and full of value! For those unaware, all donations to Humble Bundle go towards helping sick children. They allow you to make the world a better place and get some games for the low low. This bundle has three tiers, and this is what they all include.

Tier One: Pay $1 and get The Darkness II, Spec Ops: Line, Duke Nukem Forever.

Tier Two: Pay $7.85 and get everything from tier one + Civilization V, NBA 2K16, Mafia II, Battleborn, Battleborn Skin Pack (more games coming)

Tier Three: Pay $15 and get everything from the previous two tiers + Battleborn (lmao), Battleborn currency & Borderlands: The Presequel

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