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Published April 18, 2019

Has hell frozen over? It would seem so. Gamestop is finally living up to their mantra “power to the gamers”. They’re implementing a new program that I think a lot of people will like. It’s called the Guaranteed To Love It program. Here’s what you need to know. If you don’t like the game you purchased from GameStop they’ll allow consumers to trade in that game for full store credit if you do it within 48hrs after the purchase.

There are only a few catches, but they’re fair in my opinion. This program is only for the standard edition of games (no special editions), you must have the receipt and employees are not eligible. This program will kick in when Days Gone drops April 26th. I’ve seen some people on Twitter complaining that they can’t get their cash back & they’re not getting the full $63 back, but I encourage everyone to use their brains.

Never thought I’d defend this company, but these things are happening for a reason. You get store credit back & not cash because at the end of the day Gamestop is a business. You have to meet them halfway. You’re only getting $60 back because businesses have to report the taxes they’re making. They’re not trying to scam you they’re trying to stay out of trouble with the IRS.

So I give credit when credit is due. This isn’t a bad deal. You’re essentially allowed to swap your game out for another you’ll like & Gamestop gets more used copies to sell. The customer is happy and Gamestop is happy because used game sells is where they make the bulk of their profit.

Now, will this save Gamestop from collapsing? Only time will tell. You know this is going to inspire some neckbeards to try & finish their games within 48hrs to “finesse” Gamestop. I think something like this should have been done 5 or 10 years ago. Don’t forget the competition either. If Best Buy, Walmart, Target or another heavy hitter implements a similar program then it’s great news for consumers, but bad news for Gamestop.


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