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Published July 20, 2016

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Last time on Terry Crews was inspired to build his very own gaming PC after playing Battlefield 1 at E3. Terry then began to stream on Facebook his new goal to become a member of the PC Master Race and to become an enlightened gamer along with his son. With his GTX 1080, i7, and 32gb of RAM Terry Crews set out to build the ultimate VR gaming rig for his HTC Vive. However with only things in his way from completing his goal being time and his inexperience can he Terry complete his task and ascend to the PC Master race. Find out now on

Terry Crews needs some help with his Gaming Pc. We commend Terry’s cable management it is very impressive but it seems he is having problems. It seems like at one point Terry was having problems with his sound card and a missing or misplaced 4 pin pci power cable. Eventually, he found it with the help of Facebook User Garfield Walsh


After another problem, Terry Crews finally enlisted the help of Daniel Lucinian from Best Buy’s Geek Squad to help him with the finishing touches on building his PC, but sadly his problems didn’t end there. Well, actually his problems did end there because when he started the video introducing how he was unable to install windows apparently through the glorious power of the PC Master Race his problem was magically solved. Congrats to Terry Crews and his son on their new gaming PC and we look forward to his Twitch stream.

I know if Terry Crews was inspired to build a PC from playing Battlefield 1 I can only imagine how he will feel playing Planet Side 2 with thousands of people at once.

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