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Published October 7, 2018

We reported a couple weeks ago that telltale was doing heavy layoffs because it as going to shut down and they weren’t going to be able to finish the final season of The Walking Dead. Well, We got good news for people wanting that final season, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound will be completing the rest of the game.

According to this source, Skybound will be keeping the team that developed the Telltale games intact so that they can complete the game how they originally planned. This is such great news for multiple reasons, Of course for the fans who want to see the end of Clementine story but this is great for Robert Kirkman as well. If you didn’t know, Robert Kirkman is the creator of the Walking Dead comic books so this move is important for him. Robert Kirkman responded to this news to Variety, “We can’t lose Andrew Lincoln and Clementine in the same year.”

We were all saddened to hear that Telltale is shutting down but this is somewhat good news for the series to at least see the light of day. What do you guys think about Skybound saving the final season of The Walking Dead? 

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