Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles Say They Got Next In The Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3


  • Jaron Matos

  • Theyre gonna put all 4 in as seperate skins i think

  • I guess Netherrealm just don’t like their fans. They keep putting in these random ass characters

    • I wouldn’t like my fans either if they didn’t love TMNTc

    • Not that random. Earlier this year there was a pretty fun Batman/TMNT comic.

  • Rahmir Harrison

  • No more season passes from NRS for me….

  • Tydynamite

    This game ain’t making it easy not to buy dlc

  • I can’t wait for the sense of right character pack

  • TMNT yesssssssssss i really wanted all 3 to be DC but this is still awesome I wonder how it’s gonna work tho 4 skins maybe? better be unlocked you money hungry sonsofbitches

    • It’s gonna he the same format as cyborg in mkx. Same character with different variations with different specials

    • I kinda figured that but how tho in injustice it doesn’t have the variation thing I figured the other 3 would be skins with a different fighting style with some similar moves

  • I still waiting for the wonder twins, they can transform into a mop and bucket

  • @GodHeads12 lowkey lit

  • ssx3000

    Yo FAM!!! That’s my JAM!!!! TMNT in Injustice 2?! IN the system? The System?! Yoooooo, I’m sorry but I’m a sheep today, NRS take my money.

  • Bigga B.

    I remember when the CEO of Netherrealm said it would be a character no one would think of. They were 100% Right!! Seeing the TMNT had me shocked and hype at the same damn time. Can’t wait to see gameplay.