Sword Art Online Raises Weeaboo Levels To An All Time High

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  1. A Name A Name says:

    Now to make that click bait story about the new overwatch comic or not.

  2. Leaked++ Leaked++ says:

    I find it offensive to refer to anime lovers and people who enjoy this culture as “weeaboos”. We would much rather prefer Otakus

    1.' Jōichirō Yukihira says:

      Weaboos mean people who enjoy this culture to the point that it’s considered an obsession. If you just like to watch the series and play the video games, you’re a fan. If you’re showing up to the high school dance in akatsuki robes and sharingan contacts, you’re a weaboo.

      1.' Creeper says:

        Boy i’d rock a open akatsuki robe with a plain white tee, the rights jeans, and some AF1 breds. Sounds fly as fuck

        1.' LeanPharaoh says:

          It’s not.

  3.' Bl4kAce says:

    I really hope somebody goes just to take a pic of all those weebs. Imma laugh so hard.

  4.' Mr Negative Nancy says:

    Lol I’m imagining it. I have yet to watch any SAO. When I considered it I had a sudden urge to not watch anything at all.

  5.' Issiah says:

    I wanna go cause i nvr seen SOA but to be caught lacking in a flick with those weebs 😯🤐 Eternal L

    1.' Vincent says:

      It’s not worth your time.
      Watch Log Horizon instead

  6.' Rodney Paul says:

    The title name made me die of laughter

  7. Is it wrong to say I hate a love hate relationship with this anime? Its terrible by every stand of the word…but I wish it was good. It has potential but the problem is…it sucks.

    1. Louis Nuñez Louis Nuñez says:

      watch out, somebody’s going to pull a katana for you

  8. It made my blood pressure raise to an all time high when I got to the second part and they fucked it all up

  9. Aw man, those people who like anime, fuck those guys amaright? I mean jeez, those fuck heads who dress up as those characters, I mean you will never find people who like video games doing this……. wait.

    1.' Shadow Cat says:

      Lol. I’ll give you a W for that. Does seem like a double standard here.

    2.' BasedChamploo says:

      Pretty sure it was all jokes fam, these dudes have straight up gone to conventions and interviewed cosplayers, I’m sure they don’t really care and were just poking fun in the article lol

  10. Idk man that Sword look Lit AF😂😂😂

  11. This is actually pretty good a deal Sao was only cringe toward the end but obviously a market for that content definitely exists I’m not seeing anything super “weeb” on this Tho it’s an anime movie in theatres oh the horror.. didn’t dragon ball z drop 2 movies in theatres lol niggas making vr porn with peripheral n all I think a bs replica sword from a decent show is idk normal lol

  12. Charles Barrett Phillips Manuel

  13.' Moor says:

    I mean SAO wasn’t THAT bad. It had its moments.

  14.' kurojoss says:

    If I see you with that bitch ass toy in public, you’re getting flamed.

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