Sword Art Online: Lost Song English Featurette

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  1. austin95 says:

    Bro. Copying and pasting is not journalism.

    1.' Payton McDowell says:

      This game is too garbage to be given a proper article.

      On Topic: this game is garbage.

      1.' BRUH says:

        just by looking at the thumbnail i could tell it was garbage..

      2.' Ludwig Larcher says:

        the one that’s already out on vita is pretty good though, can you tell me where you made your opinion that this game is garbage from ? I actually want to know, i’m not being sarcastic.

        1.' Payton McDowell says:

          1. That thumbnail tells me that there is cheep cheesy graphics.
          2. The goddamn anime itself.

          1.' Ludwig Larcher says:

            it’s a ps3/vita game …. can’t expect much more than last gen graphics, the fighting system is very fast so i guess they cut some corners when it comes to graphics… And well if you already hate the anime, i doubt it will be a crap game though.. but a good niche game to people that like the ln or the anime, and bad for people that already hate the story

          2.' Payton McDowell says:

            Garbage is still garbage. Behing on a last-gen console is no excuse for shitty graphics. Stop glorifying this shitty franchise.

          3.' Ludwig Larcher says:

            w/e as someone that hasnt played either of the games, and just flat out hates the series you will understand how i find your opinion garbage too. However they did cut corners in the environment graphics

          4.' Payton McDowell says:

            Oh woe is me for my opinion of a horrid franchise is garbage. I should hide myself in shame for I have been proven wrong by someone who defends the series.

          5.' Ludwig Larcher says:

            honestly that’s what i don’t understand, you don’t like it so it’s garbage ? So if you didnt like fresh lettuce it would be garbage too ? Do enlighten me though what is garbage about the series ? There are a thousand and one series i don’t like yet it doesnt make them garbage in my eyes. Before taking it the wrong way i am not sarcastic, and actually trying to see where you’re coming from.

          6.' thirdeye.ego says:

            MWN made a entire video about you type of niggas, and you’re still on his website. Wow.

          7.' Payton McDowell says:

            Oh you mean the type of people who use the word garbage like a curse word whenever a game comes out? I’m sorry, I wouldn’t be saying that this game is garbage if it wasn’t based off of a mediocre (at best) anime.

            As for still being on this site, I’ll be here posting comments regardless of your opinion until I’m banned.

          8.' thirdeye.ego says:

            So that’s the ONLY reason you’re saying it’s “garbage”. You haven’t played it, but because YOU of the many few disliked the anime it’s automatically garbage. Sad

          9.' Payton McDowell says:

            Yeah that’s pretty much it. Garbage is still garbage, no matter how hard you try to make it anything else.

          10.' thirdeye.ego says:

            That’s literally the stupidest comment i’ve read this year

          11.' Payton McDowell says:

            You didn’t have to reply to it

          12.' thirdeye.ego says:

            No I did. It was literally THAT stupid of a comment.

          13.' Payton McDowell says:

            Oh boohoo

          14.' thirdeye.ego says:

            Nah you misunderstand. It was so stupid that i’m literally shocked someone could make it.

          15.' Payton McDowell says:

            How about we end this disagreement with “there’s one person who thinks this anime is garbage and that’s me”? Let’s agree to disagree.

  2.' BriaxTLK says:

    Sword Art Online is so damn irrelevant. I watched up to episode 20 of season 2, I loved the damn thing. My friends and I discussed this show like it was a religion. But it’s so irrelevant now

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