Does The Switch Have Competition From The Sony Playman?

  • Playman Playman Playman console hella lame man
    controller fucking narrow cant use it for gamin
    screen so fucking broad its like a dinner plate man

  • if they were as quick to put mods on fallout 4 as quick as they plagiarized Nintendo they wouldn’t have lost so much ground to PC -_-

  • Demonfang25

    Well Nintendo just got bodied.

  • Well this is a concept made by someone, this isn’t a concept from Sony themselves so there’s no way it’ll look that disgusting. Even still the Vita was shit so they can stick to consoles where they know they aren’t taking any real risks.

  • Devin

    People already think the Switch is overpriced this thing would cost way too much especially if they put a competent battery in it.

  • Nick Langosch