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Published April 26, 2015

Superhero Roundtable Discussions is a new series here on where writers will come together to discuss superhero/comic book movies. Our first discussion will be about what future superhero movies we’re looking forward to the most.

Austin Manchester: Alrighty, Malaiko, it’s time to do our first Superhero Roundtable Discussion. Let’s start off with what upcoming superhero movies we’re looking forward to the most. I don’t know why, but when I first thought of this topic, Aquaman immediately popped up in my head. I’ve never read his comics, and never was much of a fan of the character (until the Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game), but I am oddly really looking forward to the Aquaman film. Oh, wait, I know why.

Game of Thrones – Khal Drogo fight by IsaiahMetzger

That’s a fucking Mortal Kombat fatality right there (Khal Drogo in MKX — make it happen, NetherRealm!). Jason Momoa just exuberates badassness. Cast anyone else in the role of Aquaman and my excitement level would be nowhere near as high. Also, there’s the fact that he just looks awesome in costume.


I’m easily looking forward to this more than any other DC solo flick. Move over Batman, it’s time for someone else to have the spotlight!

Malaiko: First off thanks for having me Austin, it’s great to be doing this with a fellow comic book nerd/enthusiast such as yourself. Now, on to the topic at hand. I love that you picked the Aquaman film, to me that is definitely one of the movies I’m looking forward to the most. DC really nailed it with the casting of Jason Mamoa — that’s arguably the best casting choice they’ve made in years. I really think he’s the perfect guy to bring out the character’s physicality and intimidation factor.

For me though the movie I’m looking forward to seeing the most I gotta say is the Captain Marvel (aka Ms. Marvel) film. I’ve always been a fan of the character in the comics. She’s never portrayed as the “damsel in distress” or as a sidekick to the more well known heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc. She’s always been a badass, able to hold her own and she can go toe to toe with most heavy hitters in the Marvel Universe.

And who better than to play the character than Emily Blunt? I mean seriously, she’s not even the main character in Edge of Tomorrow but she’s 10 times the badass Tom Cruise’s character is and she basically trains and protects him throughout most of the film. She’s a very talented actress capable of portraying the “strong, independent female” role perfectly and she can definitely bring that physicality to the role. Captain Marvel is known to be beautiful and powerful. I think Blunt is the obvious choice.

Manchester: Could not agree more! Captain Marvel will finally bring a strong female presence (especially if they cast Emily Blunt — she would be perfect for the role!) to not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also to the superhero genre in general, a genre that has been dominated by males and the only female-centered films (Catwoman, Elektra) have flopped. In the MCU, Black Widow is a glorified sidekick and Gamora is one of the least exciting Guardians, so I’ll definitely be happy to see Marvel diversify their lineup.

Speaking of Ms. Marvel, did you hear the rumor that ABC might be developing a Ms. Marvel series, in a similar format to Agent Carter? I read the first volume of Ms. Marvel (New Normal) and just absolutely loved Kamala Khan. She is adorkable and immediately relatable. I think her presence would bring an element to the MCU that hasn’t really been touched upon yet — that these Avengers are celebrities in their universe. In Iron man 3 there are some mentions about the Battle of New York, but not much else. Imagine a Ms. Marvel series opening with Kamala writing a fanfic about the Avengers? Nerdy viewers would be able to relate to Kamala right away. I really hope this series happens.

Mailaiko: I’m so glad you mentioned Black Widow because to me, all she is, along with Hawkeye, is just a glorified sidekick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s useless because she definitely serves her purpose on the team but could The Avengers save the day without her? Yeah, they probably could. Superhero movies NEED a movie starring a strong female character who isn’t there to assist the guys, but is there to save the day by herself.

I actually hadn’t heard about that rumor, that’s very interesting. I feel like a character like Ms. Marvel would be better used on the big screen but a TV series starring the Kamala version of Ms. Marvel I would definitely check out. Like you said she would be a very relatable character, and at the same time it would give Marvel fans a different take on this huge superhero world. In the comics she’s only a teenager but I feel like that would be a not only different perspective, but a necessary one as well. I want to see younger heroes take center stage, see them challenge the viewpoints and ideologies of the older, more mature Avengers who think they have everything figured out but really they don’t. It would add something new to the dynamic of the team and provide viewers with a fresh look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Manchester: I definitely think that once Captain Marvel is brought in to the MCU that the Avengers will have a female presence that they need in order to succeed — no offense to Black Widow, but as of now, she’ll always be a second tier MCU hero like Hawkeye, Iron Patriot, and Falcon.

With all this talk of Kamala, I really want the series to happen! Her perspective would not only be unique but needed, I think.

I want to turn the discussion to a film I am eagerly anticipating — Deadpool. Holy shit, I could not be more excited! And again, just like Aquaman, the casting is so important here. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role of Deadpool. I think Reynolds is a great actor (his wit, sarcasm, and charm are unmatched) that takes on bad scripts. His brief appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the best part of the film, arguably. He also has so much passion for the project. He’s going to own this role and become synonymous with it in the way that Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine and Robert Downey Jr. IS Ironman.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this:

DeadPool Movie Leaked Test Footage by allvideosHD

Not to mention the fact that Fox actually seems to be paying attention to the source material with this one. There’s no way they can fuck this up, right?


Malaiko: It’s interesting that with so many big movies coming out, such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man and Batman v Superman, a lot of folks are overlooking Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds has pushed for this movie for years and finally his dream has become a reality and let me tell you I think this movie has the potential to be one of the best superhero movies.

The reasons being is because Deadpool is nothing like any other superhero out there. There has never been a superhero movie or tv show that sports a character like Deadpool. He’s not a hero and he’s not a villain — he’s an anti-hero. An extremely funny, psychotic and deadly anti-hero. The character and the tone of the movie will set it apart from anything and everything that’s out or is going to come out.

The other major factor in this movie is the star Ryan Reynolds. He’s not just an actor taking on the role of Deadpool. Reynolds is a comic book fan, he’s a huge Deadpool fan, and as such he is extremely familiar with the character. His performance as Deadpool is probably going to be the highlight of the film and is going to make audiences fall in love with the character instantly. Like you said, he’s a perfect fit for this like Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman are in their roles as Iron Man and Wolverine, respectively. I’m looking forward to this movie more so than I am movies like Ant-Man and Suicide Squad.

Manchester: Back when the film was announced, I wrote about how Fox can make a great Deadpool film.

So far, I think Fox is doing a good job. Obviously, getting Reynolds was key and, as you said, he’s jsut as passionate about getting this film made as the fans are. He brings that fandom quality to the production of the film that might not be present in other superhero films — Reynolds is a fan, like us, first and foremost and will make sure that the film does the character justice. Reynolds is definitely key here and will be the driving force behind Deadpool’s success — hopefully it’ll get a sequel or two.

They’re also making rated R, so I definitely think Fox is starting off on the right foot. I am very optimistic that they’ll nail down the tone of the film and include Deadpool’s sarcasm and mental instability while also keeping him a relatable character.

Malaiko: Shifting back to the world of TV, the show I’m looking forward to the most is the Luke Cage series on Netflix. It will be interesting to see a black superhero take center stage and also I’m very curious on how they’re going to tackle his character. Is he already going to have his abilities when the series starts or is he going to get them sometime during the course of the first season? How are they going to make threats to him believable? Hhe has impenetrable skin so it’ll be interesting to see who they get to face off against him and how they plan to hurt him. Also, his relationship with Jessica Jones (who is his wife in the comics) is going to be fun to watch because they’re going to be the first superhero couple in the MCU and that will definitely make for an interesting and different dynamic. Would have loved to see Terry Crews play Luke Cage, I mean, he looks just like him!!! But ultimately I think Mike Colter will do the character justice.

Manchester: I’m not very familiar with any of the properties Marvel is creating a Netflix series for (except for Daredevil), but I am still very interested in them. And like you said, the superhero couple plot point will be a first for MCU and I’m excited to see what they do with it, seeing as how they basically ignored the Ant-Man/Wasp relationship (probably because of the whole, ya know, domestic violence aspect). Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Evangeline Lily’s Hope Van Dyne become the Ant-Man/Wasp couple for the MCU films.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I don’t know how much of Marvel’s Netflix series I’ll watch, but if they’re up to par with the rest of the MCU material, I’ll definitely try them out.

To wrap up, what’s one last movie you want to talk about that you’re looking forward to?

Malaiko: I thought Daredevil was excellent, if the other Netflix series are like Daredevil then I’m sure I’ll enjoy them all.

Lastly, the movie I also can’t wait for is the Black Panther film. All of the heroes we’ve been introduced to so far (with the exception of Thor) operate in New York and most of the action of the movies takes place in the US. Marvel has yet to really expand their scope on an international level, aside from a few quick scenes where the characters are in Germany and such. What better hero to help them expand that scope than Black Panther? He comes from Wakanda, a fictional nation in Africa that is the source and only location of Vibranium, which is the special metal that Captain America’s steel is made from. You have the entire fictional country of Wakanda in Africa to explore, and you would be then taking our heroes to a completely foreign land to them, to a beautiful land full of secrets and different customs where they’re not celebrities, where they’re not necessarily known and they would have to adapt and conform to this different environment. I think that would make for a much more unique and exciting film.

Manchester: I’m also really excited about the Avengers going somewhere else. And not only will Black Panther add a new location to the movies, but also a new perspective, similar to how Captain Marvel will. Black Panther is just so unlike the rest of the heroes and I’ll be interested in seeing how he will fit within the team’s dynamics. How will his culture clash with the Avengers? How will his personality fit into the team? And most importantly, what position/role will he have in the Civil War? Black Panther just adds so much to the MCU and isn’t “just another superhero” in the way that, say, Ant-Man is. Black Panther is DIFFERENT. He’s not even much of a superhero in the traditional archetype of what we think a superhero is.

I have a lot of thoughts on Black Panther, Captain marvel, Ant-Man, and the future of the MCU (and I’m sure you do too), but I think we’ll save those for a future Marvel-centered discussion.

Unless you have anything more you want to say, I think this discussion is just about wrapped up.

Malaiko: You echoed my thoughts exactly. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

I think we’ve covered enough ground in this discussion. I just wanted to say thank you for including me in this discussion, I love talking about the superhero genre and it’s great to hear from another comic book fan like yourself. Looking forward to the next time we do this! Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to read this and those who continually support mine and Austin’s articles on the site. Your support is noticed and appreciated. Peace and blessing y’all!

And that concludes our first Superhero Roundtable Discussion! Be on the lookout for more and if you have any suggestions for topics, make sure to drop a comment below! We thank you for reading!

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