Super Mario Run Is A Bust? Nintendo Stocks Are Down!

  • jjamesonthekid

    It’s a cool game but the $10 price tag is holding back. I was thinking about taking the L yesterday but I passed.

  • Truthfully, you have to look at this from both sides of the spectrum.

    While I am a Nintendo fan (not Nintendrone) I understand that having a powerhouse of a company like Nintendo try to protect their IP’s for so long and not wanting to branch out and explore other venues of marketing is not only a shot in the dark but it could also lead to some good for your company.

    However, that doesn’t mean that Super Mario Run is the best foot forward, nor is it the best app out there. Sure, I’m a sucker for the Mario games, but having their first IP be for $10 is violently stretching it.

    This game should’ve been around $4.99, while it may seem cheap for Nintendo to have a new Mario game under $10 (let alone $60) $5 on the App Store is pretty much $60 when buying games. Especially when a majority of their competitors are giving their games away for free.

    I commend Nintendo on stepping in a field where they haven’t before, but it’s definitely not their best attempt.

    • Sean Allen

      Thing is they had a good example with Pokémon GO and they still threw this behind a paywall. I was slightly interested in this game until I found out it was $10. Now it sits on my as a gloried demo.

  • 10 dollars nah fam

  • Nigga, $10? I thought it was free. They ahould have made it free. Get this L Nintendo.

  • Moor

    That game was fun for literally ten minutes then became stale. Temple run just from a different angle using the Mario template.

  • It’s not an endless runner (theres an end to each level) it has 24 levels and micro transactions. You should see all the Nintendo fan boys defending the shit out of that game and why it’s worth 10 dollars. Go ahead check the “App Store” Facebook page lol

  • I liked it enough to buy it…

  • And Nintendo said it would be better than Pokemon Go. smh

  • 10 dollars for this shit?

  • AdriantheNinja

    “You want the other 99.9% of the game? You better pay $9.99 then.”

  • Maybe because it’s not on andriod

  • Outside the box

    Mario running after that stock

  • Gus StGermain

    ofcorse it’s going to flop if you put a price tag on it like that if you made your money back through advertisement on the app this could of been the next pokemon go frfr

  • If it was free to play it mighta been fun cuz those trial levels had me entertained for a while

  • Storm Cloudz

    Nintendo is a fool for even attempting that

  • Yeah it’s definitely not a bust lol. This game has been running for years upon years.

  • Stocks always go down once a new product is on the market. You have to lose money to make money.

    • Sean Allen

      Thing is they didn’t much if they didn’t add $10 to an endless runner-Ish game with micro transactions and always online feature

  • Angello Shillingford

  • i’m guessing the success of pokemon go caused them to make this.

  • Can Android get it now?

  • Nintendo giving the people what they dont want and never asked for. Like who asked for this shit?