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Published December 20, 2016

In I’m not surprised news; Nintendo’s stocks have dropped 11% since the release of Super Mario Run. Why? The game is mediocre at best & the business model for the game is a joke. Who in their right mind charges customers $10 for an endless runner? Nintendo that’s who!

According to our snitch, Super Mario Run has received “lukewarm” reviews with the current average sitting at 2½ stars out of 5. That’s 50%. Some “analysts” believe the game would have performed better if it were free to play with microtransactions. Most people aren’t comfortable with spending $10 for a mobile title.

To make matters worse, the studio behind the game (DeNa) stock also dropped 14%. This news sucks, but Nintendo will be okay. Their stock will bounce right back as long as The Switch performs well when it releases. Meanwhile free to share your thoughts on Super Mario Run. Do you enjoy it or is it a bust?

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