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Published May 23, 2018

These days if you ask Major Nelson about upcoming Xbox One exclusives a tumbleweed is sure to roll by. We’ve been hearing about Crack Down 3 for like 4 years, Scalebound got sent to the graveyard and Gears, Halo & Forza just not hitting like they use to. Things weren’t always so grim, though.

Back in the early days of the Xbox One things seemed promising. One of the reasons is original games like Sunset Overdrive. It was a silly, colorful over the top platformer from Insomniac Games. I enjoyed the game and it received pretty positive reviews across the board from most outlets.

The only thing that held it back is it was an Xbox exclusive. Not a lot of people got to play the game. The could change very soon. According to our informant, the Korean Game Rating Committee’s website recently listed Sunset Overdrive on PC. Does this confirm anything? No, but that won’t stop the rumors from flying. Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see this game come to PC. Also, check out my Sunset Overdrive review in case you missed it!


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