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Published September 6, 2019

During Pax West, I got the chance to speak to the programmers at Guard Crush Games about Streets Of Rage 4. During our hands-on gameplay, it instantly felt like I was playing the classic SoR that I loved.

With the upgraded graphics and art design, the game looks amazing. New features like picking up stars so you can do your special move, and being able to juggle opponents between teammates give the game a fresh take on the classic series. There are three playable characters currently (Axel, Blaze, Cherry Hunter), with one being a new character. More will be added soon, so don’t fret that Skate isn’t in the initial lineup!

There is no current date for Streets Of Rage 4, but the game will arrive sometime next year for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out the interview below.

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    1. @UTxJGTheDon Who’s asking for skate? Where Adam at?

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