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Published February 6, 2016

As many know you can unlock DLC via in game fight money (Zenny) or purchase with real money.  Unfortunately we didn’t know the price until know.

Heres what Matt Dahlgren had to say.

“We’ll have basic pricing details when we get our season pass. General cost of a character is going to be around $6, or 600 zenny. Premium costumes will be around $4, or 400 zenny.

There will be a variety of other options. Some costumes will be available to earn with just fight money. Some costumes will be available just for zenny. But anything that’s could affect the outcome of a match needs to be earnable with fight money.”

Now you ask how long will it take to grind and unlock items?

Dahlgren said this.

“In the beginning there’s definitely a large influx of fight money through all of the single-player content. It should be relatively easy for players to earn a new character in that first month.

In the long term, it depends on the player’s skill, but we’re trying to make a system that’s fair and balanced to reward players of all types. We don’t want to make it too grind-heavy on top of that. That’s part of the reason we developed the daily challenges. It’s supposed to be about remaining engaged.

If you log in on a daily basis, or every other day, and complete the challenges, you should be able to get the new characters as they come out.”

They you have it.  Feb 16th and SFV will be in stores waiting for you to buy. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section.


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