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Published February 2, 2017

FIFA 17 is the first FIFA game I’ve picked up since FIFA World Cup 06. Yeah its been that long! So what did FIFA 17 do that caught my attention? The inclusion of a story mode. A story mode that starred a black man at that!

I’m happy to announce today that EA has confirmed that FIFA’s story mode “The Journey” will return in FIFA 18. They’re calling it “Season two.” ¬†According to the plug, EA is on record saying

“FIFA 18 will build on the foundation we created with story mode this year, bringing players back to The Journey with Season 2, featuring new characters and new storylines.

Our development team in Vancouver is delivering deeply innovative new experiences across this year’s game, including an Ultimate Team, and creating the most emotionally immersive and connected FIFA we have ever produced.”

It shall be interesting to see how it all plays out! While we wait for FIFA 18 feel free to watch two scrubs (Flock & I ) go at it in FIFA 17. And if you enjoyed the video content please remember to subscribe to the official Gaming illuminaughty YouTube channel for more. That can be done by clicking here.

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