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Published August 12, 2015

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is set to release on PC and console on September 1st this year, however the multiplayer mode will not be released to a later date. For current and last gen consoles the multiplayer mode for MGS V will be released on October 6th of this year, while the PC version will be released sometime in January of next year. With that said, if you are planning to get this game on PC and are not a hardcore fan of the series, please wait until the multiplayer is released to purchase this game on steam. This game has always been focused on single-player and the campaign is the selling point of the game, however, we have seen this exact same thing happen with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

By waiting for the multiplayer release date to purchase MGSV you are at a higher risk of being exposed to the ending however, you also get to view more reviews of the game, if needed wait for better optimization, and more importantly refund the game on Steam if the multiplayer does not work. The steam refund system allows gamers to return games if 2 hours or less has been played on the game within 14 days after purchase and lets hope that MGSV campaign will be longer than 2 hours. Steam refund system has been a life-saver or a $30-$60 saver for many gamers and especially those who bought the new and broken Arkham Knight on PC this summer. I hope Konami delivers on a working multiplayer experience for MGSV, but the track record for the gaming industry was not that great lately. By waiting to pick up the game when the multiplayer works for PC, you won’t have to worry if the multiplayer is pushed back for release, you will be guaranteed that your entire game will be in your possession, and if the multiplayer is broken at launch you can return the game immediately and hurt the developers wallet. When you refund a game purchased on Steam, Valve still gets a cut of the profit and developers lose out on money. Which is probably the real reason Arkham Knight was removed from the Steam store and not their genuine care for the customer’s satisfaction. When it comes to video games think about it like this, you don’t pay $5 for a big mac meal only to get a burger immediately and wait 2 hours to get the fries and drink later. Don’t support games that have dual release dates it’s a bad business practice and us consumers can stop it by voicing out.

Once again, I know MGS focuses on the campaign as the selling point, but if I pay $40-$60 for the game and only half of what I paid for works then I should be mad for I, the consumer, have been misled. We have seen this with GTA V where we pay now for half the game and the other half is still in development and when we get the multiplayer after weeks of waiting it takes another week before everyone can play properly. I personally have little hope in the gaming industry that offers more paid DLC than support for broken tittles (AC: Unit & Arkham Knight), forces pre-orders down our throat for day one DLC and 10-hour early access to the game, and misleading gamers on the perception of graphics by playing a multi-plat on PC, but have gamers think they are playing on Xbox because they are using a controller. This is just a warning. Don’t pre-order games and stop mindlessly buying DLC after DLC. Be an informed consumer and know your worth. With that said stay enlighten gamers. We would love to hear your thoughts about the situation in the comments below.

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