Starfire Has Been Casted For The Live Action Teen Titans Show

  • DevanTheGod

    She fine af

  • BrokeGamers

    Somewhere right now a white person who swears he’s not racist is steaming mad this orange alien is being played by a white person

  • Who’s mad she’s black? Who cares Starfire is orange

  • Welp, theres that sjw seeping into things it shouldn’t again. Stupid as fuck.

    • What do you mean if you don’t mind me asking?

    • DevanTheGod

      Is every black person a sjw to you?

  • Bring in the angry yt fanboy tears,my tomatoes need watering.

  • Live action? Tf?

  • orange girl… just wait for beast boy

  • Bruh she’s ugly asf

  • Could’ve gotten a better looking actress

  • She ain’t hot enough

  • Hot? Man make up fixes that. She just need more chesticles in my eyes. Cuz Star Fire is busty as fuck

  • Joe Diaz

    dc rite now on some dumb shit rite now. how the fuck do you go from orange to black like really. Its like if they make a naurto show they’re make him mexican TF! I know shes an alien but damn bitch looks caucasian

    • BiG CAM

      tf is you on? Fuck you mean she looks caucasian? I bet Martian Manhunter looks Arabic to you huh?

  • Im_Trill

    yeah idgaf about colour but she ugly af loool
    get me a pretty orange bitch asap