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Published September 1, 2016

Virtual reality has only been available to the general public for a few months now; that hasn’t stopped companies from heating up the competition. The latest to throw their hat in the arena is called Star VR.

Star VR is a collaboration project between Star Breeze, IMAX, and Google. It’s a VR headset being touted as the first VR headset with a 5K resolution. The goal is to implement this headset into gaming and bring it to theaters. I’ve seen this thing in action as some of our staff members got to play The Walking Dead on it during E3 2015. They were all more impressed with Star VR than Oculus Rift (HTC Vive wasn’t bubbling at that time)

My only question is what kind of PC you will need to run this thing? Rendering 4K on PC is no joke, so you’re going to need the Bat Cave’s computer for 5K, and that doesn’t come cheap. Just ask Bruce.

Peep PocketNow’s preview of Star VR below. Skip to the 1:22 mark of the video. That’s when they star talking about Star VR.

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