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Published April 29, 2018

Here at Gaming illuminaughty, we’re terrible at covering tech; that I can admit. But sometimes a story is so big we can pass it up. Today T-Mobile perfectly aligned themselves with Sprint to do the fusion dance and form one company. From my understanding, both camps will now fly the T-Mobile banner which would make me a T-Mobile customer as of today (had Sprint).

I’m not really looking to dive deep into what this means for stockholders. Instead, I’d like to focus on the message the CEO of T-mobile is putting into the world. He was ranting on Twitter earlier this morning and it would seem this mergers focus will be to bring 5G speeds to the world first. He’s confident with the combination of T-Mobile & Sprints towers they can bring it to the United States before any other mobile carrier. Stronger connections too!

Do you know what you can do with 5G speeds on your phone? You can three tabs of porn open, two games and a movie! I’m joking! I don’t really know, but from my research 5G is going to change the game. Let’s see T-Mobile can really bring the heat! Check out the announcement video below.

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