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Published April 21, 2015

Great news for people who love to play tactical 3rd person shooters with no voice chat! Even better news for people who don’t actually own a Wii U and are on the fence. Nintendo has just announced a new Splatoon Wii U bundle in partnership with Best Buy.

This bundle will drop on May 29th along side the game itself. According to our sources

The deluxe hardware bundle, which comes packed with a download code for the aforementioned ink-filled third-person shooter, a pre-installed copy of Nintendo Land, and, of course, a 32GB model of the console, will be available exclusively at Best Buy for $300 USD.

The thumbnail for this article is what the actual packaging will look like and what you should be look. Anyone picking this bundle up? As a bonus check out the new Splatoon Trailer called Claim Your Turf.

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