Is Spider-Man PS4 The Best Out Of The Spider-Man Games?

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  1. gamerskittles@yahoo.com' LowKey_Afro says:

    Gameplay looked good, but realistically this nigga Spider-Man reckless af. This nigga Jonah Jameson prolly looking at everybody like I told you this mofo is a menace to society 😂😂😂

  2. diddy8522@gmail.com' BrokeGamers says:

    Game looked lit asf too bad 2018 release date tho

  3. dclark1597@gmail.com' Tazuna2 says:

    Did they actually say that Miles would be playable?

  4. Kevin Delane Kevin Delane says:

    The voice acting and characters are great! I just wish we could get a more acrobatic swinging Spidey like in Web of Shadows.. Interested to see what happens with Miles.

    ALSO Bat/Spider-man again???

  5. Devin says:

    A lot of stuff here really killed my hype.

  6. ajemison1@gmail.com' alloyd1 says:

    its like the spiritual successor to spiderman 2 from the early 2000s, im hype.

  7. 🇧🇿 🇧🇿 says:

    I don’t if it’s because I was younger, but I remember “The Ultimate Spider-Man” on PS2 being REALLLLY fun.

  8. gorillomurillo@gmail.com' Caezon Murillo says:

    sasukes spiderman now?

  9. Cyburwulf Cyburwulf says:

    Nope, just the most cinematic. Mostly because of their mocap studios. Gotta love those qte’s baby

  10. kohamuo@ymail.com' Sinheart says:

    Combat is meh too me. But I won’t like cinematically it looks great

  11. thomadan000@outlook.com' Dan Thomas says:

    This shit looks like a polished version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -_-

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