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Published January 6, 2019

We could have had a Space Jam 2 but instead of basketball, It would have focused on Skating. It also would have been called Skate Jam having Tony Hawk as the Star of the movie.

This news was released by Tony Hawk himself on his Twitter, Check out the tweet below.

The people over at Warner Brothers ended up not making the film due to the major flop from Looney Tunes: Back in Action in 2003. It had only made 68.5 million which was a big loss because the film’s budget was 80 million. I think that a Skate Jam movie would have been interesting especially back then when Skating and Tony Hawk were everywhere.

Well, It has been a few years but we are still getting a Space Jam 2 just not with Tony Hawk. A couple of months ago we wrote an article about Lebron James will be starring in the upcoming Space Jam 2.

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