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Published December 5, 2018

It’s not looking so good for Soulja Boy as he attempts to skip the middle man and launch his own video game handheld and console. We all thought he was playing when he teased the console on one of his live streams, but they’re real.

Soulja Boy has a website called SouljaWatch which not only has actual watches (resembling Apple Watches), but he has a handheld and console for sale. The handheld is called the SouljaGame Handheld and…it’s simply an emulator for NeoGeo, Gameboy, Game Boy Advance, 3DS, Vita, and apparently the Switch? He also claims to have 3000 built-in games, which sounds absolutely insane. However, there are no games listed that the handheld has.

The console is called the SouljaGame Console. It looks like a white Xbox One and is said to be able to play PS1, Arcade, Gameboy Advance, Sega, NES, PC, and “SouljaGame” video games.

The handheld costs $99.99 (originally $199) and the console costs $149 (originally $199). These video game systems look to be just emulators, and again there are no videos of these systems playing any games. We also don’t know if Soulja Boy will develop any games exclusively for these systems. Are you prepared to spend your money on the SouljaGame Handheld and the SouljaGame Console?


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