Sorry Xbox Fans! PubG Will Not Run How You Were Hoping Come Launch

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  1. Protector_6 Protector_6 says:

    now was that really a surprise since they still have trouble with the #PC and they’ve been working months and months on that?

  2.' thaelectricfeel says:

    I’m patiently awaiting my disappointment

  3. Maxime Scott Maxime Scott says:

    I dont mind, all i want is to play pubg on console, away from pc idiots

    1. Azian Randon Azian Randon says:

      Good, dont want you.

    2. Brandon Mack Brandon Mack says:

      And who do you think will be playing this game? You trade one toxic group for another. Congrats?

    3. Yea who cares man. Shits gonna be dope. Took the day off work xD

    4. Maxime Scott Maxime Scott says:

      David Van Sky you lucky bastard

  4. Jeremy White Jeremy White says:

    Sike nigga, you thought 😂

  5. Kion Dalton Kion Dalton says:

    Console players are even worse

  6. I mean it runs and looks like crap on PC so don’t feel bad Xbox brothers and sisters

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