Sony Is Rewarding Trophy Hunters With Real Cash

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  1. Sony out here tryna bury Microsoft 🙌🏻

  2. Johhny Ernst Johhny Ernst says:

    You have to go to sony rewards’ website and activate each of those and then it starts counting the trophies. Your previous trophies don’t count. It’s also important to keep in mind that when you turn in points for a PSN code it can take up to a week for them to send you the code.

  3. Chris Floyd Chris Floyd says:

    Looks like US only #UKgamersmatter

  4. Giovanni Hinojoza Roberto Moreno

    1. Time to get these trophies now lol

    2. Roberto Moreno foreal lmaooo

    3. Gio is already ahead of the game that man has so many trophies lol

    4. Time to get to trophy hunting again

    5. If only i had used my old account and the trophies from my new account 😢

  5.' [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™ says:

    Unfortunately your current trophies don’t count so you’re going to have to get another 10 Platinums, 25 Gold and 100 Silver but before doing that, you have to go to the rewards site, sign in/up, and activate each one in order to count. Damn and I have 98 Platinums, $90 right there too lol

  6. Kiran Redden u don’t need a job no more

  7. Adrien Malivert xbox should do this

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