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Published January 23, 2016

Praise Gaben for some developers has seen the light! What am I talking about? The former boss of SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) has come out to the closet to reveal his disgust for microtransactions. The man who’s help shape hits such as H1Z1, Planetside 2 and DC Universe online took to Reddit to express his frustrations. In these Reddit posts, he talks how microtransactions upset the flow of game development & feeling bad for having to do it. He even went as far as to say there won’t be any microtransactions in his future games with his new studio¬†Pixelmage Games.

“I don’t like microtransactions because I worked on too many games with them. They change the feeling of development to one where you feel like you have to worry about the business instead of the gameplay. That leads to tons of compromises. I hated that.

I also hated defending stuff we did to make money to our players.. because they’re right.. they know we spent too much time focusing on that stuff.’

“There will be zero selling of any microtransactions in any Pixelmage Games game including Hero’s Song. So no–no power will ever be sold period. Earn it!”

“I was also under some pretty heavy attack by hackers, and I’m not going to say that didn’t enter into the equation. I don’t like having my co-workers having to deal with that.”

Now let us pray that some others will wake up. Put the consumer first. If your game is great, then word of mouth will drive an increase in sales. How do you think so many games prosper on Steam without a single ad on TV or any website? Great work speaks for itself!


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