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Published March 26, 2019

Sony is preparing to take back what other businesses have been profiting over in the video game digital industry. Today we received news via a leaked memo that Gamestop received that Sony will no longer allow consumers to buy digital versions of their games from physical brick-and-mortar stores starting on April 1st, 2019. Sony’s explanation comes from the company wanting to align their businesses globally.

If you still want to buy digital versions of PS4 games in the physical, you will be able to do so via virtual currency (like PSN gift cards). You also have to still buy the game on PSN after you buy the virtual currency. To me, this sounds like more of a hassle buying a gift card just to buy a digital game. You might as well just buy the physical copy if you’re in a brick-and-mortar store.

Another question that arises is how stores like Amazon (where I get all of my digital PS4 games) will be affected. We also don’t know if other online stores will be able to sell game codes. What Sony has confirmed are things like DLC, season passes, and other add-ons will still be able to be purchased physically via the normal means. Overall this might be an even bigger blow for Gamestop specifically as users aren’t buying physical games like they used to.

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