Sony Buys Most of FUNimation

  • Kickor

    A “W” for the culture!

  • Illuminati confirmed

  • Funimation single handily ruinined English dubbed anime. Plus they censor the blood from animes and turn cigarettes into lollipops, turn anything that resembled a cross into a normal stick.

    • That’s 4kids you’re thinking of

    • Um. Yeah, tf are you talking about?

    • They censor the blood out of animes when it gets dubbed, plus take out the curse words. And they almost blocked Dragon ball super from coming to America.

    • Where they censor blood at? I just saw mountains of blood 😂

    • That’s definitely 4kids TV and u are mainly referring to the 4kids version of one piece

    • Rex Trasvina that was 4Kids that censored eveything not funimation

    • And it’s not like 4kids didn’t introduce a western audience to large amount of Japanese anime alongside toonami.