Sony Buys Most of FUNimation

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  1.' Kickor says:

    A “W” for the culture!

  2. Jacob Jones Jacob Jones says:

    Illuminati confirmed

  3. Rex Trasvina Rex Trasvina says:

    Funimation single handily ruinined English dubbed anime. Plus they censor the blood from animes and turn cigarettes into lollipops, turn anything that resembled a cross into a normal stick.

    1. That’s 4kids you’re thinking of

    2. Ben Traplay Ben Traplay says:

      Um. Yeah, tf are you talking about?

    3. Rex Trasvina Rex Trasvina says:

      They censor the blood out of animes when it gets dubbed, plus take out the curse words. And they almost blocked Dragon ball super from coming to America.

    4. Damon Ransom Damon Ransom says:

      Where they censor blood at? I just saw mountains of blood 😂

    5. That’s definitely 4kids TV and u are mainly referring to the 4kids version of one piece

    6. Chas Simms Chas Simms says:

      Rex Trasvina that was 4Kids that censored eveything not funimation

    7. Tim Hockaday Tim Hockaday says:

      And it’s not like 4kids didn’t introduce a western audience to large amount of Japanese anime alongside toonami.

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