Sonic Vs The Flash (One Minute Melee)

  • Basedgold

    They were on a roll with the one minute melee until this fight smh

  • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

    The Flash would play high speed soccer with Sonic The Bootleg Blue Pikachu, this shit is fucking ridiculous. Sonic landing a single hit is unrealistic itself.

    • Wrath

      Or just like you know…Sonic going super sonic flying into space because he can breathe in space and blowing up earth

      • Chukwuebuka Okoli

        Please, the flash would knock him out before he could move

        • Wrath

          Except we dont know who’s faster

          • Namr

            Flash beat himself In a race

          • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

            I don’t know what adaption you’re familiar with, but the traditional Sonic (who is clearly the one that appears in this fight) is limited to the speed of sound. The Flash can move eons faster than that.

          • SIGarette-553

            Sonic’s speed has never been proven to only be limited to the speed of sound, in fact, it’s always listed as “unknown” officially. Take into account his supersonic and hypersonic states, lightspeed attacks and his abilities to stop/warp through time, makes him a good opponent for the Flash. I will say some of Sonic’s attacks needing a charge up time is a weakness for him though

          • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

            If I remember correctly, the creator stated that Sonic’s natural speed only reaches the speed of sound, not taking buffs into consideration. If we’re speaking power-ups, The Flash gets them as well, so many that he becomes intangible.

          • Wrath

            The traditional sonic has broken that limit…they made him so fast he can run dimensions which i dont even know how thats possible

          • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

            He has only done so with power-ups, and I was referring to raw speed.

          • Wrath

            I was too

          • Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad

            Then please direct me to a source.

  • Wrath

    Haters gonna hate but sonic can fly and just blow up earth so theres that possibility to win

  • Devin

    And then the Justice League showed up and f*cked sonic and his friends up.

  • Fbreezy

    I don’t think Flash is overconfident. Bruh, even as Super Sonic, Flash is literal speed itself. I call hax.