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Published June 26, 2017

Sonic Mania already looked great from the trailers and gameplay released by Sega but after we had the opportunity to play the game. It truly pays homage to Sonic The Hedgehog’s legacy. The game plays like Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis with brand new animations and abilities. There will be new stages and old stages that have been revamped. The game will be coming out August 15 for $20 digitally and for all consoles and PC. If you want to get the Collectors Edition it will cost you just $69.99. Which isn’t bad at all. Sonic Mania truly is pure nostalgia and will be back with an amazing soundtrack. If you are a huge Sonic fan and enjoy the BGM check out the Sonic Mania Soundtrack¬†vinyl album.

Sonic Mania is a great game to show new Sonic fans a glimpse of what it was like to play Sonic 1-3. Check out our first impressions of Sonic Mania down below and let us know what you think?

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