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Published August 24, 2017

Residental super Sonic fan Aceofalltrades is about to lose his shit when he founds out the latest news coming of Gamescom from SEGA. Sonic Forces will feature a co-op mode.

This mode is called Tag Team and it features special stages specifically designed for you and a friend to tackle. One player will take control of their created character and the other will play modern Sonic. According to our plug,

“You can perform combo attacks such as using avatar’s Wispon first and then finishing off with Sonic’s Boost attack.  The avatar Wispon’s special attack can also be used as a shortcut. For instance, using the air-jump to reach difficult places is possible.”

This news is cool to hear after SEGA revealed that you would be able to create your own playable hero. Having something that looks Sonic Heroes inspired is always welcomed in my book. I loved that game as a kid.

Let us know what you know what you think about this co-op news in the comment below. Is this enough a reason for you to pick up Sonic Forces?


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