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Published October 26, 2015

Two weeks ago a skinny white kid from Hamilton Ohio burst onto the Hip-Hop scene by the name of Slim Jesus. He INSTANTLY went viral due to the shock value of his music. In his hit single “Drill Time”, he claims outlandish things such as

  1. He’s posted up on Frank Block with his fucking gang
  2. He’s got loud pack and school buses
  3. He paid $350 for a Fendi belt, and that double F hold up his strap
  4. He copped Ferragamo when he was up at Saks, but them True Religions still hang off his ass
  5. If he catches you lacking, you better pray to god his shit jam
  6. He will take you out like a fucking date

Every Hip Hop outlet reached out after he went viral, but VladTV managed to get his first real interview. In that interview, Slim Jesus admitted to not being “about that life.” Since then a few videos have surfaced of real street cats running up on this “goofy” to get their “clout” up.

One would think Slim Jesus would lie low after putting a target on his head, but he clearly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He released another interview today with HotNewHipHop where he claims he’s not tripping off his lack of street credibility. If someone runs up on him, then his people will shoot it out.

Ignorance comes in a lot of shapes & forms. Most the time ignorance in the inner city comes from the fact that these impoverished people just don’t know any better. They didn’t get a lot of opportunities, so they go into survival mode and start doing wild stuff. In my opinion, the worst type of ignorance is when someone knows better, but they don’t do better. I.E. Slim Jesus.  This kid admits to having a death wish. So cast your vote in my poll I’ve created. How long do you think it will be before we see Slim Jesus on an R.I.P. T-Shirt?

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