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Published October 25, 2017

I’m not into MMO’s, but when I do find one I enjoy I invest time. A Couple years ago a little game called SkyForge launched on PC. I took to this one because of the visuals, action-oriented combat & fully voice acted cutscenes. They did a solid job of bringing their world to life.

Then like all other MMO’s I just got tired of it. Doesn’t make it a bad game, but I have gamer ADHD. I can’t stick with one thing too long unless it’s just flat out amazing. Since my days of running SkyForge with the crew on PC, it was released on PS4. In 2017 it’s now coming to Xbox One. Just in time for the Xbox One X release. Maybe we’ll see some type of enhanced version for the X?

Check out the announcement trailer below.


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