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Published April 23, 2015

I got to chill and talk to the developers of Skara The Blade Remains in the interview below, but before you check that out here is my impressions of the game. Skara will be free to play however you can get early access for it now for $20 on Steam. Once the game is released to the public the developers will give you back your money in the form of in game currency. Now I won’t do an official review of the game yet, however my impression from the early access wasn’t good at all. Now, once again the game is in early access, but it felt like it was too early for even Steam early access. The game at its core literally felt like the core of a game. Moshi and I played several rounds of the game and the best compliment we can say for the game is… Well, we got to play it free. The game is laggy, there are multiple glitches, some of which you will see in the interview below, and the gameplay just felt as though it was lacking key elements. One of my biggest problems with the game is when you hit another player it doesn’t feel like you made contact at all. Now let me repeat myself one more time the game is in Early Access and the developers are using the money from early access to finish making the rest of the game. Now, for $20 I can’t honestly tell you go out and buy the early access when I know the game will be free in the future, but what I can say is the game has a sliver of potential. I’ll report back on this game when it’s done, but until then I’ll keep tabs on it and monitor its progression.



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