Should Online Play Be Free for the PlayStation 4?

  • jjm

    First of all, It’s between 15 and 17 USD for THREE WHOLE MONTHS of PSN (Contrary to USD$25 for Xbox Live). We live in a digital age and DDoS attacks are commonplace. Also, newsflash! Ever heard of an “End User License Agreement” ?! When you purchase a console and online gaming time and use it, you are contractually bound to the terms within that EULA. And lo and behold- inside that agreement, regardless of whether it was from Sony or Microsoft or even fucking Nokia, is ALWAYS a clause or clauses that state that the ‘online service may become intermittent, spotty, or just downright inoperable’. Computers are machines; like cars, they have operational issues. Get used to the times. The real issue here is that 4chan and co. and all the other communities of online shitheads perform DDoS attacks for fun, and then assholes like you boot up their eMachines laptop to write on their mediocre blog about how “Sony and Microsoft are too blame”. This article honestly makes you sound like a whiny little piss. Kind of like the person that sues McDonalds for getting fat.

    • Ty G.

      Don’t ruin a good argument by insulting the blogger.

    • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter

      You must work for sony or microsoft to act like that and be rich go figure

    • Reunald Jones IV

      Nigga shut the fuck up, we’re paying for a service so we can say what the FUCK we want. Damn now go have a seat and play on your sidekick or some shit

  • Ty G.

    Sony has been losing a lot of money for years now since they have never charged PS3 users for online access. They probably aren’t going to remove the charge for PS4 users. And not letting you play your free games given to you as a PS plus member after your membership ends is a good marketing tool to get you to resubscribe.

  • mysterious nigga

    I want free psn online like ps3

  • Eric Pugh

    I think it should be free I don’t see why ps3 is free but ps4 not???? Sony should take a poll to see if people like paying for psn or not.

  • Rein Legit

    yeah it should wtf am i paying for the network is always getting hit offline by fucking 12 y/o’s man i had less drama on ps3 plus it was free PSN get your shit together

  • Daniel Warren

    Actually when you lose your PS+ on PS you dont lose your games.. when my membership first expired I was still able to play the free games through PS+