Shiness Reminds Me Of The Older Naruto Games | @ShinessOfficial

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  1.' Muttley says:

    Looks more like the one Naruto game on the 360

  2.' (ง︡'-')ง Gangsta Duck says:

    Which Naruto game does it remind you of? Shit looks a little bit like Naruto Chronicles to me but other than that I don’t see it

    1.' Pkernaruto6 says:

      Looks like they tried to mimic ninja storm a bit imo. Dude even got a rocksengan going on at 1:29 lol

  3.' xx123manxx says:

    Looks interesting.
    Not digging the whole furry thing though

  4.' Payton McDowell says:

    “Pick their brain” like this Law and Order SVU

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