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Published May 29, 2017

Developer Ys Net made a huge announcement at E3 2015 that Shenmue III is coming along with a Kickstarter that received 6.3 million dollars. Since then we have not heard a word of any new developments. For all of the people who donated to fund Shenmue III and longtime fans, we should be asking “Where is Shenmue III”?

Well, E3 2017 won’t be the time as the company will be focusing on more game development. Here is the official statement:

“While our schedule has yet to be finalized, we will be devoting June to game development and as a result, will unfortunately not be participating in any game shows,” the studio explained. “On the other hand, we look forward to bringing you our monthly updates and hope you do too!”

On the bright side, Ys Net posted a video on their Kickstarter announcing a new character, so hopefully that will hold everyone over. Did you forget about this game or just hoping it comes out eventually?

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