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Published September 27, 2018

We here at Gi know our readers love when share games starring hawt anime girls with limited plot and unlimited breast. So we decided to let you know that a remake is coming to the Senran Kagura series. It’s called SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal and it’s a remake of SENRAN KAGURA Burst which originally released on the Nintendo 3DS. According to our plug, some changes include

  • Whereas the original Burst was a side-scroller action game, Re:Newal is a full 3D action game with updated graphics and gameplay features.
  • Yumi will be a playable character through a limited edition bonus along with a side story showing what characters from Shinovi Versus have been up to behind the scenes of the main game.

Re:Newal will also features a bunch of new skimpy outfits you can use to dress your waifu. The game will be available in November for the PC and PS4? So who’s preordering this one?!


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